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Have you ever wondered... What's stopping you from getting ahead, having great relationships, improving your financial position and looking good, feeling great, and having an overall sense of well being?


To Get The results you want in life, its important to dissolve your stress and or trauma from one or more of the following areas of your life

Overcome your physical, mental, and emotional health challenges

Walter L. Beckley, is a "Mind Body Breakthrough Specialist." His work is designed to assist you in getting the results you seek in life FAST. Walter offers a unique way of assisting is many, students through the various known and unknown limitations that hinder growth in life, causing problems or challenges in any of the following areas of life.

Discover How To Dissolve What's Holding You Back and Access The Unlimited Potential Within!

Overcome your physical, mental, and emotional health challenges

There is a power within you. This power expresses itself through your body, your mind, and emotions into life as a reflection of you. When your power becomes blocked or falls out of alignment, expressions of your creative power present themselves as unwanted challenges, stress, trauma, negativity, pain, sickness, and illusions. This body of work is designed to assist you in freeing yourself from the various forms of suffering you and your loved ones may be going through, such as:


7 Steps For Overcoming Relationship Stress, and Other Forms of Physical, Mental And Emotional Stress: Live A More Enjoyable Life Of Freedom, Passion, And Love

Breakthrough Mind Gym Form

  • Emotional Breakthrough
  • Health Breakthrough
  • Financial Breakthrough
  • Career Breakthrough
  • Relationship Breakthrough
  • Sexual Breakthrough
  • Lifestyle Breakthrough
  • Spiritual Breakthrough

Overcome the Physical, Mental & Emotional Challenges that Suck the Joy out of Life

This present moment is an accumulation of all your life’s experiences. We experience both negative and positive qualities in life. Each type of experience has a charge which electrifies, magnetizes, creates, and attracts us or repulses us into creating and or recreating that same or similar experience in our present life.

Allow yourself to be taken on an inward journey through the intricacies of your life's history and/or past Soul Lives!


Circle Of Life Break Through Experience!

This is A Highly Effective Energetic Clearing Method

Walter will take you deep into resources of your energetic memory files of known and unknown physical, mental and emotional stress, traumas, unpleasant events, and other aspects of your life that may be setting you up to fail. This is where past negative energetic experiences subtract from your positive present moments.

When you start the Breakthrough Clearing Method Discharge Process, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of inward freedom and connectedness; totally freeing you from participating in the vicious cycle of repetitive and destructive negative experiences. The Breakthrough Clearing Method will empower you to live, laugh, and love deep from within.

Both negative and positive beliefs become deeply rooted. Once this negative experience or charge merges with your Life Force or Spiritual Energy it can manifest over and over throughout your life.

Negative charges can manifest as or in one or more of the following areas:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Hatred Of Other
  • Self Hatred
  • Relationship Issues
  • Physical Problems
  • Mental Stress
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Career Problems
  • Sexual Concerns
  • Spiritual Imbalances

Negative charges can manifest as or in, one or more of the following areas:

Would you like to move through life unhindered? The Breakthrough Clearing Method will enable you to release your negative life experiences and move through life unhindered.

Our Method will provide you with steps that are designed to assist you with transforming and forgiving the plagues of past self-imposed, destructive, and abusive experiences. You will learn how to release a cascading effect of Creative Life Energy which will also touch those involved in and around your “life”.

When you start the Discharge Process, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of inward freedom and connectedness; totally freeing you from participating in the vicious cycle of repetitive and destructive negative experiences. The Breakthrough Clearing Method will empower you to live, laugh, and love deep from within.

Reset your life with The Breakthrough Clearing Method!

The Breakthrough Clearing Method will assist you in eliminating negative charges and/or beliefs that obstruct your ability to enjoy daily living.

All you have to do is be open to listen and receive. Your newfound inner freedom will help you to forgive yourself and others, resulting in a transformed and more fulfilling life.

The Breakthrough Clearing Method is like receiving a pardon which leads to self-forgiveness from your self-imposed prison sentence. Who sentenced you? You did! It is neither your parents nor the person who offended, assaulted, neglected, or abused you. It is you. You’ve sentenced yourself simply by what you hold inside you. You are energetically and magnetically attracted to some form of a previous distorted experience. When you have bad life experiences, you hold a negative charge in reference to what has happened to you and others around you.

What People are Saying...

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Walter is a gifted individual who has accepted his mission to help others attain the highest life quality possible. A true eye-opener! It was amazing! My initial reaction after the work was a feeling of exhaustion on the right side of my body. After a few moments, a light energy feeling occurred. I received a sense of clarity, as if a layer, of film, had been removed from my body and mind. As I traveled home, driving in my car, I felt really happy and thankful. I had an urge to scream... alternating my screams between giving thanks to the Universe for what I was feeling and what I had received... my life back after all these years.

Once again, thank you, Walter

Jacqui Allen

Real Estate Broker


Breakthrough Into Greatness Video Experiences

Discover How Great Life Can Be!

Discover how many professionals, students, parents, and the like release emotional problems. Discover how through healing negative emotions they all were able to find their Breakthrough, with Walter Beckley’s Unique Breakthrough Into Greatness System. Feel free to browse our many videos, audios, and written testimonies. Learn how these men and women took the challenge and broke free from the negative, magnetic and energetic connections. These types of connections can zap the beauty, joy, and love out of life. They changed and you can too!​

Watch and Listen to Some Of Our Successful Breakthrough Session Experiences

At 43, I am feeling like I am 20 - with spiritual lightness… I connected to my heart and my strength!

Scott Holstein

Business Owner

Released sadness issues…

Doreen Daniels

Business Owner

This is one of the top five things that has ever happened in my life!

Reverend David Wayne Posley

Pastor and insurance agent

I release the heaviness - I am feeling wonderful!

Donna Allen

Business Owner

Walter helped me with some issues that have been blocking me for a long time… I felt open and free…

Sharon Rennels

I realized the energy. I felt love Light and Joy. I feel like I was transformed.

Madeline Goldstein

Writer & Dance Instructor

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