The "Meditation Mind Gym"


Ready To Let Go Of Whats Been Holding You Back And Get More Positive And Enjoyable Results In Your Life?

Experience The Most Powerful Mind, Body & Emotional Development Tools Available!

The "Peace Of Mind Experience" offers the most interactive form of the conscious mind and breath activity you can experience for dissolving your stress, clearing your mind, and bringing power, peace, and balance into your life. Discover how you can awaken from the physical, mental and emotional stress, strain, and pain that challenges you daily. Come alive, take charge and guide your undiscovered powers and abilities from within.


Your Mind Directs Your Energy Towards Your Goal Or Towards What You Don't Want!

What the world needs now... and more than ever before is... PEACE OF MIND! Yes, we also want harmonious and passionate relationships, optimal health, and financial freedom. However, today most lives are complicated with, way too much negativity, stress, and various forms of daily traumatic events bombarding our minds, many people are fed up. Their experience of life is overwhelmingly destructive, hate-filled, vengeful, and sad.

Today's modern society is overly complicated with so much to do and with the burdens of trying to figure out what to do next has created greater levels of resistance and interference in our thinking process, emotional stability, balance, intelligence, and physical health.

Outside influences such as the news media, social media, politics, your career/jobs, relationships, family life, miseducation, big pharma, and other influential areas of our economy, all seek to control that space between your ears. Your mind faces an endless array of attacks that spread symptoms, problems, and or challenges in your life.

When you don’t train your mind, over time the mind becomes confused, stuck, overactive, and out of control.

Unfortunately, from time to time we all have become victims of our minds and outside influences. So, if you feel as if you are stuck in quicksand, and somehow your life, your dreams and the people you love can no longer give you what you need. It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed, distraught, angry, or any other negative unfulfilling way!

Its TIME... To Dissolve Your Stress Away and Start to Clear Your Mind And Reclaim Your Life Now, Starting Today!

You are the architect, the designer creator, and destroyer of your life experiences. Enjoy the "Peace With Your Mind Experience”, and learn to clear, restructure, rebalance and reconnect with the awesome beauty and power which is at the foundation of who you really are!

FACT: The Pre-launch will end as soon as the timer hits zero, and this price will be gone forever.

FACT: We are onboarding, only a limited number of users right now so that we can maintain the quality of support that we can provide to our early adaptors

"Meditation Mind Gym" Is A Unique

Life Mastery System

Our Meditation Mind Gym system is similar to exercising at the gym. However, this is thousands of times more enjoyable. Instead of lifting heavy weights with your arms and legs, you’ll be learning to lift those small and big blocks of stress and dissolve them with your mind and breath, from the inside, right out of your life...

  • Easily learn to Empower Yourself With The Ability To Overcome and even Eliminate those stressful feelings that:

1. Hold you back from achieving your goals

2. Cause those debilitating sick feelings of overwhelm, frustration, anger, fear, guilt, etc...

3. cause you to suffer, with each negative feeling or thought tearing these painful holds in the fabric of your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being...

Your stress is at the root of every problem you've ever experienced and will experience. So when you learn to handle the stress you can handle life and all of the experiences you get to enjoy!

  • Learn to stop sabotaging your true passion and mission in life and Get Mentally Clearer, Sharper, and more Focused on cultivating and achieving your goals.

1. When you are not sharpening your saw daily then your blade is becoming dull simply by something called oxidation. Oxidation is like rust, which is like stress, to get ahead in life, you must cultivate your primary tool for exploring, enjoying, and manifesting in life... and it starts with your mind.

2. Wouldn't you want to learn from a professional when it comes to aligning, refining, and tuning your up new automobile? What about your mind, who will you let. into your mind and tinker with alining, refining, and tuning up your mind?

  • You Get to Benefits From Our Years of Experience in Teaching others how and How you can tap into Your Life in a whole new way!

1. Since 1979 I started my studies in the relationship of the mind. body, healing energy connection.

2. You will learn to relax and quiet your mind, get focused and dissolve old emotional issues such as anger and current issues such as fear by balancing the body's hormones and breath energy deeper into your body, mind, and relationships.

  • If you were able to get a 20% increase in positive feelings and results, plus 50% less stress, how would your life change?

Are you ready to transform your Experience with The Power Of Your Mind?

In order to live a good quality of life, it is important that your mind is peaceful and free. It is highly critical that we learn to balance, reduce and even eliminate our stress, trauma, and other negative forms of mental, emotional, and physical turmoil. The quality of life is often determined by how you interpret, and affirm what you think, and feel about your inner and outer experiences.

Are you seeking to access the power of your mind to change the quality of your life? Do you want better relationships, financial growth and prosperity, and optimal health? Are you tired of the usual humdrum way of life, working really hard and then taking the wait-and-see approach? If you are tired and ready to take charge...

Then it's Time To Learn To "Free The Power Of Your Mind" Through The "Meditation Mind Gym" "Peace Of Mind Experience."

The main key to improving the quality of life Starts and Ends with Your Mind.

My "Peace Of Mind Experience”

When I first learned to make this deep dive into my personal “Peace of Mind Experience” all of the noise that came with thinking and thoughts, disappeared! And, within a clear blanket of silence replaced the noise.

The Silent Witness that was once lodged in the body... that I, used to call Walter, was experientially freed! And, the Silent Witness, my true authentic SELF was huge, larger than life! Complete and Beautiful. It was the true personification of Love, Compassion and Light.

I Was Free! All stress and trauma disappeared. After my initial experience, so many positive results... easily began to show up in my life.

Walter Beckley

Author, Meditation Teacher, Silent Healer

Exercise & Strengthen Your Mind And Get The Results You Want

Exercise & Strengthen Your Mind And Get The Results Your Want

"Some of our other methods are like being on a treadmill, or lifting weight however instead of jogging around the track, or lifting heavy weights you’ll learn how to chase down those slow and faster fleeting forms of stress and trauma with the power within your breath, guided by your clarity and alignment of your mind. Many people spend a lifetime under the influence of the negative effects that unseen, or unknown stress and trauma can have over one's life"

Become aware of the stress and limiting beliefs that stop you from manifesting

  • Harmonious relationships
  • Lifestyle, career and financial success.
  • Optimal physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Your mind Is what gets you... your results!

Our approach is highly effective, simple, yet, it is an extremely powerful life-enhancing process that can help you get faster, better, and easier results in life!

When it comes to relationship challenges, health, or even financial shortcomings… the science is the same for everyone… your Mind holds the lock and key! Your breath carries vital energy, which fuels your journey, while your thoughts and feelings direct your journey.

We can show you how to have a stress-free physical, mental and emotional direct link to your mind’s Unlimited Field Of Possibilities. It’s your mind that goes before you, making the connections needed for you, to get the results you want.

Step 1:

Focus Awareness

Its important to experience the difference between your thoughts and your mind.

Step 2:

Increase Energy

Connect with your breath and the Energy it conveys.

Step 3:

Balance Emotions

Transform your negative stress and trauma into useful vitality.

Here're The 3 Core Principles On Which The Peace Of Mind Experience Expresses In Your Life

Clear Your Mind

With the mind and breath restored, you can more easily

  • Unlock The Potential Of Your Mind

Once, you plugin to the " Peace Of Mind Experience" you will have a clearer picture of the noise that blocks you from reaching your goals...

  • Clear Unwanted Mental Chatter and Noise
  • Get Focused And Achieve Your Goals
  • Release Overwhelm And Other Debilitating Qualities
  • Become More Prosperous and Successful

Exercise & Strengthen Your Mind And Get The Results You Want

The Power Of Breathing Energy

Your breath is key to life and living. Poor breathing subtracts from the quality of life, while Energy breathing enhances every aspect of your life.

  • Learn to Release Depression, Anger, Fear and Other Negative Emotions and Bad Feelings
  • Tap Into Your Power And Access Your Energy Flow
  • Recharge Your Life
  • Tap Into Your Power And Access Your Energy Flo Source Of SuperPower

“Your thoughts and feelings help release the power of your mind or block your mind from reaching your goals!”

The “Meditation Mind Gym” System is packed with beginning and advanced training modules that are designed to help you easily get started online on your own. Start with the “Peace Of Mind Experience” plus, become a part of the Mind Gym Tribe” this is where we meet up weekly for your live group training, sharing of experiences, and answering your question live.


“Meditation Mind Gym” "Peace Of Mind Experience" Official Training System



Level 1: Peace Of Mind Experience

Level 1, teaches you how to activate your connection to your personal "Peace Of Mind Experience." This is accomplished when you learn to direct your mind to activate a more peaceful relationship within the breath and your body, as you enter your inner and outer "Personal Power Zone."

Much like doing physical pushups to build physical strength, the mind learns to do pushups against and with the body in order to regain authority over the stress and trauma and negative thinking processes.

So...What's The Catch?

Simply put, you will learn to align your mind, breath, and body and regain command of your "Peace of Mind experience."

The goal of Level 1 is to assist you in the art and science of conscious mind-body through the art and science of meditation, breathing, and movement As you learn to establish your connection within proper breathing, your mind-body and emotional systems naturally begin to release negative forms of stress. Negative feelings such as, anger, confusion, overwhelm and other forms of interference that can block your good experiences in life begin to dissolve. This happens when you learn to access your "Peace Of Mind Experience."

Many practitioners experience clearer thinking, a deeper sense of relaxation, ease, and calmness in achieving their goals. Experience the power of deep relaxation and peace that fills your mind and permeates your body. Discover, what "5 Minutes of the "Peace of Mind Experience" can bring to your life.

CULTIVATION | Mind-Body-Breath Connection


Level 2: Peace Of Mind Experience

Peace Of Mind Level 2, is designed to assist you in cultivating your personal internal stamina. This is where you will learn to siphon the electrical energy of life into your body. When you increase your stamina you also increase your physical, mental, and emotional strength enabling you to hold the connection in your daily life to the "Peace of Mind Experience."

As you learn to take a deep dive into your "Peace of Mind Experience you simultaneously activate more of your rejuvenating abilities. Many people describe it as feeling refreshed and renewed, more youthful, energized and happy.

So...What's The Catch?

The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Level 2, goes much deeper than Level I, at reaching deeper, more hidden forms of fear, anger, and other destructive emotions that cause health issues, relationship challenges, and financial lack and losses.

Level 2 will also assist you in discovering the power of balance and synchronicity when it comes to:

1. Your mind's ability send a clear, positive, and energized thought into existence.

2. Your body's ability to align and hold the connection.

3. Your emotional ability to feel the correct frequency.

Experience greater physical, mental and emotional health, more harmonious relationships, and financial stability.

CIRCULATION FLOW | Align With The Quality Of Lasting Joy

Level 3: Peace Of Mind Experience

In order to enjoy life, it is important to learn to cultivate the quality of joy (Lasting Joy) into their life. The training teaches you to take your Endurance and latch onto your source of Lasting Joy.

The ancient writings refer to this quality of Joy as “Bliss”.

So...What's The Catch?

The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Level 3, assists you in easily learning the steps for building your endurance enabling you to still your mind and be aware at the same time. This inner connection will Increase your mind, body, and nervous system’s ability to release deeper layers of stress and trauma and project positive, productive energy and vitality into your ability to manifest your goals.

1. Release Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, etc.

2. Overcome Chronic Health Problems

3. Dissolve Trauma and Mental Fatigue

CONNECTIVE CLEANSING | Align With The Quality Of Lasting Joy

Level 4: Peace Of Mind Experience

Within Level 4 you will discover The Restorative Affects Of Conscious Breathing and The Creative Power Of Your Mind! (Based On The Authors Book - Not Included)

This training is designed to assist you in conceptualizing these most profound connections about your life in relationship with love and light. Your life is meant to be free from the impotence of sickness, disease, and pain on every level!

So...What's The Catch?

Physical, mental, and emotional suffering are transformed, healed, and forgiven in the conscious awakened presence of Love and Light. The goal of this Level 4 is to transition from within and:

1. Discover that within every breath you breathe… you can learn to activate your subtle and powerful connection of Love & Light.

2. Begin to cleanse, heal and awaken your Love and Light connection which will enable you to function more dynamically, with greater purpose, while being able to easily attract and manifest your dreams.

3. Activate, access, and hold your Inner Field which is the frequency of Love, and Light, consistently in your life.


Level 5: Peace Of Mind Experience

Level 5 teaches you how to hold your awareness at your source center, and throughout the torso, opening and gently pushing and expanding the breath simultaneously.

The goal is to be aware of the space which opens the gap between the body, mind, and space. Being able to maintain this connection with the quality of Love and Light enhance the overall quality of your life.

So...What's The Catch?

You will experience:

1. The power of letting go and enjoying the ride as you,

2. Follow the beauty and power of your electrified breath

3. Listen to an array of sounds that act as the mind trying to pull your attention in various directions.

4. Holding the frequency and quality.



Level 6: Peace Of Mind Experience

Level 6 has its foundation deeply rooted in the previous 5 levels of training the body, mind, and breath to relax and dissolve into a more cohesive and unified field. Level 6 opens the door to add external sounds and frequencies that help to align the brain to the 3 higher states of consciousness, alpha, delta, & theta.

Until now this combination was not offered in a proactive format. A vast majority of conscious raising products are being offered in a passive way.

So...What's The Catch?

These other products do not allow you to achieve higher states of consciousness on your own. Through our unique training, you will become more conscious of how to enter and infuse these higher states of consciousness with your personal source energy, that you’ve cultivated in the previous sessions through our unique training.

1. When you learn to enter the higher states of consciousness, you can then begin to:

2. Plant new seed ideas of exactly what you want.

3. You can more easily start to modify your current and future growth.

4. Experience the beauty and power of the present moment.

All Your Questions Regarding

The Peace Of Mind Experience


This Is A Limited Time Offer

Here' What You Get Inside When You Sign Up For The "Peace Of Mind Experience"

  • Level 1 - Awakening Your Connection [$3000+ Value] [$10,000+ Value]
  • Level 2 - Activating Your Rejuvenation Power [$3000+ Value] [$3000+ Value]
  • Level 3 - Inner Stamina & Endurance [$5000+ Value] [$5000+ Value]
  • Level 4 - Embrace: Breathe In Love & Light [$5000+ Value]
  • Level 5 - 3D Golden Light [$2000+ Value]
  • Level 6 - Deep Awareness [$2000+ Value]

Plus You Get:

  • Access to your online training today as long as you pay your monthly access Fee for your level (Gold $9.97, Silver $19.97 & Bronze is $29.97).
  • 4 Weeks of Private Members-Only Webinar Training Sessions [$3000+ Value] [$3000+ Value]
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SPECIAL GOLD ACCESS BOUNES - You Get Our "Radiant Healing Hands" Course:

  • Joint Opening Exercises [$3000+ Value] [$10,000+ Value]
  • Activating Your Hands Part 1 [$3000+ Value] [$3000+ Value]
  • Expanding Energy Part 2 [$5000+ Value]
  • Upward downward Part 3 [$5000+ Value]
  • Opening Channels Part 4 [$2000+ Value]

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Build Your Mind-Power With The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Silver Access for:



Build Your Mind-Power With The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Gold Access for:


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"Radiant Healing Hands" Course



Build Your Mind-Power With The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Bronze Drip Access for:


Join thousands of happy clients and start improving your relationships, health, wealth and life!


Tameka M

Professional Counselor

"The movement in my energy is overwhelming.

I feel a sense of peace and relaxation. It’s positive energy and it’s moving all inside of me. I feel like I’m grounded yet floating all at the same time, and I feel it head to toe. It’s like this tingling inside of me, something that’s always been there but never been able to really show itself. And for me, I’ve never really been able to feel it. I’m so thankful for this experience Walter."

Madeline Goldstein

Dance & Fitness Coach

"I have had some amazing experiences!"

You are so clearly in touch/connected with the true source and you have the amazing, amazing ability to help other people"

Michelle D

Editor and Human Behavior Student

"There is nothing like this, that I have ever experienced!

This has been the most life-changing experience that I have ever had. I basically feel like a completely different person"

Shamsa D


The meditation methods he provides in this training are definitely the proverbial TURN UP. I'm feeling fully electrified right now. I'm on fire!"

Sharon Hodges


"I was in there, it was all nice, golden, and warm.

During the breathing, I was in the space inside my source center, when all of a sudden my God, it's a doorway leading to other space outside of my self."

A Letter From The Founder

Before I started building out this system, I study for 12 years straight learning the deeper art and science behind meditation, breathing and movement because of my own needs. Fast forward another 30 years of training and teaching since 1989 I have perfected a way to easily help people release whatever it is that is blocking them from reaching their goals in life by simply dissolving the blocks that stand in front of them. It took me over 40 years, now you learn weeks. And now, I want to bring this system to you, because I don't want you to leave money on the table when it can be easily recouped using our system. So, I'm very confident that this system will definitely help your family life, personal health, and your business/financial growth... and will pay for itself in no time.

This innovative approach defined here is something that is simple yet overlooked by many businesses, people of all walks of life and for less than a cup of coffee or tea, you get to release your inner SUPER-PERSON. So here is your chance to be an early mover and get ahead in your life which is really all about finding your balance, harnessing your power, and unleashing your inner creative power.

Let me share one of my early "Peace Of Mind Experiences?”

When I first learned to make this deep dive into my personal “Peace of Mind Experience” all of the noise that came with thinking and thoughts, disappeared! In an instant! And, within a clear blanket of silence and gentle warmth (the perfect temperature) replaced the noise.

The Silent Witness that was once lodged in the body... that I somehow sensed fleetingly, was experientially freed!

And, the Silent Witness, my true authentic SELF was huge, larger than life! Complete and Beautiful. It was the true personification of Love, Compassion, and Light.

I Was Free! All stress and trauma disappeared. After my initial experience, so many positive results... easily began to show up in my life.

Walter Beckley

Author, Meditation Teacher, Silent Healer

The Meditation Mind Gym system generates proven results helping increase their positive results in life, in no time.

Now, I'd love to help you too with this system, so that you can take your relationships, health, and business to the next level.

STOP FAILING FORWARD... Take Control Of Your Destiny

And SPEED Towards Your Success

Questions Regarding
The "Peace Of Mind Experience"

1. How Do I Get Access To The "Peace Of Mind Experience" Training And The Other Software That Comes With The Bonuses?

Answer: Once you place your order you will receive an email with your login credentials and private membership link. Once you are inside of the Meditation Mind Gym Membership site all of your lessons and bonuses will be available according to the level of access you purchased.

2. How often should I use the Peace Of Mind Experience?

Answer: It is important to develop a daily routine that is similar to a classroom of work schedule. In the beginning, it is recommended that you spend 5 minutes once a day with level 1. You can increase it to twice a day if your schedule permits. It is highly important that you are consistent more so than not... skipping days or your personal "Peace of Mind Experience" diminishes the smoothness that you will be cultivating.

3. What type of media is used in the membership site for teaching?

Answer: Inside of the membership site area, some lessons are written, most are in audio with instructions and musical cadences designed to keep your mind following, letting go, and entering higher states of meditation, energy, and inner-visions.

4. Will I need anything special to access the training?

Answer: You will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. 2. You will need speakers, earbuds, or headphones to listen to your lessons. 3. A quiet place to sit. You can sit erect in a chair or on the floor crossed-legged or in lotus.

5. Can I do this if I have a health issue?

Answer: It is always important when you have a health issue that you check in with your physician. If you are sick and unable to sit up and practice you can lay on your back or right side. Once you recover sit erect.

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Join thousands of happy clients and start improving your relationships, health, wealth and life!

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