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Your Mind, Body, And Life

Stop Eating Mud Pies - Discover The Recipes For Transforming Your Life Challenges Into Peace, Power, Passion, and Love

The Quality Of Your Relationships And Life Starts In Your Mind

Your "mind" is the commander and chief of your abilities to master your physical, mental, and emotional states of well-being. This way of living is the conduit to developing your life's: Relationships, Finances, and Health, so much more!

But don’t take our word for it -

Just Experience Your Mind Power for yourself.

Just like baking a cake, you need certain ingredients, blended together and placed inside an oven. At a certain point in the cooking process the batter rises, the transformation happens (batter becomes cake).

Understanding the compartments of your mind is like baking a cake for success. Similar to baking a cake, the same process happens within your mind. You gather the ingredients or thoughts of knowledge, which you then organize or blend together... and place them in the oven, and then bake them in the oven of your mind...

You might be wondering like many of my other students, 'what is the oven of your mind'?

Your mind is simply amazing! First off, the oven is also the mind... and your mind cooks the best when it is in stillness!

The oven is the stillness of your mind, this is where blockages in your life are dissolved (cooked) creating more harmonious relationships, financial independence, and optimal health.

Secondly, the human mind is so vast, it is your untapped unlimited source of wisdom, wealth, creativity, happiness, love, joy, and everything you could ever desire that is good for your life.

So, at a certain point in the cooking or stillness process of the mind, our thoughts become the things we want in our Relationships, Finances, and Health.

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"There is nothing like this, that I have ever experienced!

This has been the most life-changing experience that I have ever had. I basically feel like a completely different person"

Editor and Human Behavior Student

Michelle D

"The movement in my energy is overwhelming.

I feel a sense of peace and relaxation. It’s positive energy and it’s moving all inside of me. I feel like I’m grounded yet floating all at the same time, and I feel it head to toe. It’s like this tingling inside of me, something that’s always been there but never been able to really show itself. And for me, I’ve never really been able to feel it. I’m so thankful for this experience Walter."

Professional Counselor

Tameka M